Water and Air

A whimsic bird uncaged she flies alone
Across a moonlit earth til dawn’s face shone,
She’s carved from air, released to shape the winds,
Change their direction as befits her whims.
Beneath her beating wings in waters dark
Through currents cuts a silent, lonesome shark
Who free to churn the oceans in pursuit
Of life, the waves he thrashes; they dilute
In air above. Two elements unite;
A hurricane impassioned they alight
On land. In time distance between them wanes
Transforming storm to fog, yet two remain.
When sun arises steaming them with heat,
They dissipate; water and air repeat.

My Blues

Wine in my veins
Soaks me in fields of ripened grapes
Hewn from seeds of blues
That play on my strings,
Traveling up and down the frets.

But the bass line, the steady rhythm
That sustains my desire,
Resounds in recesses of want
That become a need to
Be the instrument
That feeds his soul.