Was I touched
When I hummed a tune
I had never before heard,
When I swayed in a dance
I had never before seen,
When I plucked strings on an instrument
I had never before played,
Or when I loved a soul
I had never before known?

His Meal

A dance of minced garlic,
Chopped onion,
Diced cilantro
Mixed in a dish destined to meld
Sweet, tangy, sharp and subtle.
His lips enfold nourishment;
His tongue savors
Bursts of aromatic lust.
And as he folds his napkin on the table
At the end of the meal,
I feel his soul piercing me,
A skewer to fire my body over slow-burning coals
That last into the quiet morning dew.
Once sated, he begins again;
Soothing cascades drench my parched thighs,
And I welcome the slippery blanket
That heals my wounds.

Lightning Bolt

I drink my sangria
Content with the sweet tang rolling on my tongue
When I hear a short burst of sound.
In my hazy state I lift my compact future,
Something in my youth I never imagined would call to me,
And click on the lightning bolt striking desire in me for
Someone who seeks me,
Someone who wants me,
Someone who burns for me.
When I see his name
I touch the screen imagining I’m touching lips soft and eager;
I see eyes, languid yet bright.
My day blankets us, encircling us in a cocoon,
Blossoming into fragile flower petals in a sunlight so bright
That I must close my eyes tightly clenching them until
His mouth whispers in my hair,
His tongue moistens my breasts,
His weight presses into mine.
And wrapping my legs around his words,
I gather him in closer, waiting, shivering,
Anticipating the moment he fingers my soul
And plunges his truth into my body, meeting acceptance,
Absolution and love.

Empty Hand

I opened my hand but found it empty
Until I saw the woman from church across the parking lot
Who needed help with her groceries
She had an old cart whose wheel stuck
So I picked up the two bags and slung the cart across my back
Like a guitar I used to have as a teenager
I smelled apples and cherries and pecans in one bag and told her so
My gait slowed to match her shuffle as the sun warmed our heads
Blessing our conversation til we arrived at her door
When she invited me into her house
I crossed the threshold and was bathed in coolness like Southern sweet tea
Which she poured as I put away her goods in cupboards and an old icebox
That sat in the corner like Methuselah waiting for the flood
We sat at her table, linoleum floor peeling a little near the leg of my chair
Ice cubes clinking as they melted and hit the insides of the glasses
I stood up when she pushed her chair back but
She told me to set and wait a spell
On the counter I noticed her pocketbook and thought to tell her
She shouldn’t leave it out in the open
Where anybody might come see it through the window
In her hands was a beat-up little box which she laid in front of me
Taking off the lid she showed me one by one
Four photographs, edges curling
As she gently extracted each one
Tears pooled in my eyes
The same face swam in front of me in each picture
Sometimes smiling, sometimes serious like
But always in a crisp, dark uniform and cap
I know she was talking to me but I couldn’t hear the words
Cuz my ears pounded
Next thing I knew she placed in my hand a star hung on a blue ribbon and
Curling her fingers over mine to close my hand
She kissed my cheek and told me to come back any time
And she’d make me an apple pie
I’m not sure how I made it back home next to the rail station
But when I arrived I pulled back the curtain
Rummaging through my bag I pulled out
A cap
Just like the one in the pictures
And put it on
I lay down
Listening to the trains pass
And held on to that star
My hand empty no more.


Accustomed to the quiet sounds of night
That bleed into the morning hours, I wake
Upon the changing rhythm of a breath
Caressing skin. My lips I part to take
A sip from wells that quench the fire within
And harness promises murmured in thirst.
But waves of dawning emptiness I sense
As windows to the soul reveal a verse
of ghostly sorrow, tear-stained clouds of pain.
The breath now choking back a sob so deep
Inhales instead the stale and smoke-filled scent
Of reckless sex and harsh regrets I’ve reaped.
I slowly lift the money from the stand
And clothe myself for my next sarabande.


I fell into my computer yesterday

Once inside wireless vibrations pounded through my body

Weightless I watched particles of myself

Float in a sea of foreign hieroglyphs

My hand reached out from some unknown location to connect the dots of my outline

But it couldn’t reach far enough

My heart was thousands of miles ahead of  my head

I panicked thinking I would never recover it before I died

And then where would I be?

But I realized someone else held it tenderly

Someone I couldn’t see

Someone patient who knew I’d catch up some day

Until then I would have to collect little pieces of myself

Scattered bits of longing and laughter and love

Putting them into place before I could climb out on the other end

And be whole once more.